37 Flavors of Vape Juice: Reviewed!

magicvapeHey, Everyone!

Since I’ve been vaping for a while now, I thought it might be fun to share some of the flavors of juice I’ve bought!

Thus far, I’ve bought 37 different flavors of juice and I’ve reviewed them all (in no particular order) below.

Most of these juices are made in California and might not be available in all areas; however, most of the manufacturers are willing to ship out of state — so ask your local vape shop to look into them if I mention a flavor you’re interested in. 🙂

Without further ado, here are my mini vape juice reviews:

1. Stix

This is my absolute all-time favorite. This is typically my All Day Vape (ADV). It’s a sweet strawberry wafer flavor that tastes like strawberries on the way in and sweet cookies on the way out. The flavor is just intense enough to give you a consistent yummy taste in your mouth, but mild enough that it doesn’t become overpowering or tiresome.

2. Pop Clouds

My second all-time favorite. This watermelon pop rocks-inspired flavor overwhelmed me with watermelon flavor the first time I tried it — but by my second tankful of the stuff, I was hooked. It tastes exactly like watermelon candy on the way in and has a bit of a kick on the way out. This is my favorite flavor to vape on weekends.

3. Fluffy

Fluffy tastes like a rice crispy treat covered in Lucky Charms. The marshmallow-y goodness is strong with this one. I honestly get more hints of the Lucky Charms flavor than the rice and that’s fine by me. This is a fun one to vape in the mornings while pretending you’re inhaling a big bowl of cereal from your childhood.

4. Walrus

Strawberry, watermelons, and mint. It’s sweet and fruity on the way in and minty on the way out. It’s beyond refreshing. It’s a bit like eating a fruit salad and then washing it down with a glass of cold mint tea. Perfect for hot weather.

5. Dali

Peach guava yogurt. This flavor, like Walrus, tastes like fruit on the way in — but it tastes like a delicious tart yogurt on the way out. If you’ve never had a creamy, tart flavor of juice, then this one might take a little while to get used to; but I loved it.

6. Apple Fritz

Apple Fritz is a cinnamon apple fritter flavor. It tasted almost exactly like my mom’s apple pie when she doubles up on the cinnamon. To be honest, this flavor made me cough at first because it’s strong. It’s a very overpowering flavor (which kept it from being my new ADV); however, if you’re in the mood for that flavor then it’s excellent. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time. Though I’d recommend taking smaller inhales with this one if you’re a wuss like I am lol.

7. Apach’i

Apricot peach lychee flavor. This flavor is sweet and refreshing. It tastes like you’re drinking a glass of peach iced tea. One of my summer faves.

8. Dragon ch’i

Dragonfruit lychee. If you’ve ever had dragonfruit-flavored vitamin water, then you already know what this vape juice tastes like. If you like dragonfruit as a flavor, then this one’s for you.

9. W.T.F.

This flavor calls itself “the original strawberry sourbelt flavor.” And that’s exactly what it tastes like: strawberry sourbelts. It’s sweet strawberries on the way in with a sour kick on the way out. It’s a fun flavor, but the sour taste can make your tongue feel a little numb if you attempt to make it an ADV. Keep this one as a once-in-a-while treat.

10. Fire Island

This one is by Lighthouse; however, they don’t appear to have a website. It’s a cinnamon sugar cookie flavor that tastes exactly like eating a snickerdoodle. This is a perfect one for colder months. You’ll feel like you’ve just eaten an entire platter of Christmas cookies by yourself.

11. Oober Goober

This is one of the more unusual flavors I’ve tried, and I dug it. It’s an ube (purple yam) bread flavor. If you’ve ever had ube bread at a Filipino market, then you already know what this tastes like. It’s very mild and comforting. It has a warm, but not too heavy flavor to it.

12. Schooner

This is a flavor that I loved in the winter, but fell out of love with once the hot weather hit. It tastes like angelfood cake with lemon icing. The lemon flavor is strong, as is the cake flavor. It’s a heavy one.

13. Sugar Drizzle

This one is similar to Fire Island, but not as good. It’s a cinnamon-sugar flavor with a milky aftertaste. It’s kind of like eating a bowl of cinnamon Cheerios and then downing the cereal-flecked milk afterward.

14. Milkhead

The best thing about this vape juice is the bottle — it’s shaped like a cartoon ghost! The flavor itself isn’t that great. It’s a vanilla milk flavor, but the vanilla is too subtle and the milk aftertaste starts to feel a bit skunky in your mouth if you vape it for too long. I kept the rad bottle though.

15. Pink Cubes by Eliqcube

I resisted trying this one for a long time, despite the continued recommendations of the shop owner, because it was advertised as a “pink Starburst” flavor. I’m in the odd minority of people who actually don’t care for pink Starbursts (I give the red and pink ones to my roommate and eat the yellow and orange ones myself). However, I gave it a shot and ended up loving it. It actually reminded me more of the strawberry hard candies that my grandma — and every other white grandma — carried in her purse. It was a sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, strawberry flavor that could easily be someone’s ADV (all day vape).

16. #Brainfreeze by The Slushy Man E-Liquids

This one is apparently “blue raspberry with Nerds.” I’ve never had Nerds candy before, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the flavor in that regard; however, I do know that I loved this flavor. It was really good! It had just the right amount of sour and sweet to delight my taste buds. And, although I’m not a menthol fan, the “on ice” version of this flavor was pretty great too. This was the first blue raspberry vape juice I’d found in my area, and it was a total treat.

17. “?” (Mystery Flavor) by Lost Art Liquids

Again, I’ve never had the candy this was apparently based on (white/”mystery” Airheads); however, I friggin’ loved this juice. The combination of mixed berries with sweet taffy was a surprising taste delight! At first I didn’t know what to make of it, but then I found I couldn’t stop vaping it. Haha. I actually ended up with three bottles of this stuff because it was just so addictively delicious.

18. #Overfill by The Slushy Man E-Liquids

This one was a refreshing mix of strawberries and pomegranates. Perfect for the summer/early-fall weather. Mostly sweet with a slightly tart kick, I went through my bottle of this juice pretty quickly.

19. Unicorn Puke by Lost Art Liquids

Rainbow sherbet! This one tastes pretty much exactly like it’s supposed to. If you like rainbow sherbet, then you’ll love this juice. You can definitely taste the orange and raspberry flavors in the forefront, with a hint of something else (pineapple? lime? I’m not sure!) in the back. And I liked that although it’s an ice-cream flavor, it didn’t have a weird milky aftertaste.

20. Aloha by Cashmere Millionaires

Pineapple cheesecake. This one tasted almost purely like pineapple when I tried it in the store — which I loved — but when I got it home, the “cheesecake” flavor started coming through and I didn’t care for it as much. I adore me some cheesecake in real life, but something about vaping it just didn’t jive for me. The pineapple flavor is excellent; however, if you vape this one for too long, you start getting that weird “milky” aftertaste.

21. Harvest by Cashmere Millionaires

An apple fritter flavor. This one is really neither here nor there. It tastes very mildly of apples with a teeny-tiny hint of cinnamon. Very unimpressive.

22. Creme Brulee by Elix Juice Co.

This is one of the only flavors I’ve tried that I downright hated. I like creme brulee in real life (what’s not to like about a custard covered in caramel?), but, as a vape juice, it was pretty crap. It was really thick and burnt-tasting with a strong milky aftertaste that left my mouth feeling skunky. It tasted cheap and fake. Bleh!

23. Apogee by Ben Johnson’s

This one tastes like dried apricots. If you like the taste of dried apricots, then you’ll love this juice.

24. Selfie-Sunday by 7Daze

This one is a very mild apple juice flavor. It was a little too mild for me on it’s own. However, if you mix it in with other juices that have apple notes, it really brings their flavor to the forefront.

25. Beastmode by Modder’s Choice

This one is supposed to be a kiwi and apple juice blend; however, the menthol in it was SO strong it would make my eyes water when I tried to vape it. I really didn’t like this flavor. It was way too intense for me. However, it’s a best-seller at my local vape shop, so if you’re REALLY into menthol flavors, you might want to give it a chance.

26. Trilla by Trilla Eliquids

Okay, now that I just finished complaining about a menthol flavor, let me share with you a GREAT menthol flavor. Trilla is an iced banana sorbet flavor that I loved. The menthol is really light and not minty — just coooooooooool. Also: I’m allergic to bananas in real life, so it was really fun to be able to taste them again without swelling up into a balloon. lol.

27. Blue Razz Candy by Onyx Reserve

I’m not sure if I had a defective bottle of this stuff or what, but it honestly tasted like…nothing. It felt like I had been sold a bottle of oil with no flavoring in it! I was honestly a bit miffed.

28. #JollyNerd by The Slushy Man E-liquids

This one is a sour apple flavor with hints of Nerds. It wasn’t too bad, but I got tired of it right away.

29. #JollyMelon by The Slushy man E-liquids

This one is basically watermelon Jolly Rancher flavor. It’s okay, but nothing special. There are so many better watermelon juices out there that you could probably pass on this one and be fine.

31. Pink Drink by Vertigo Vapor

I LOVE this flavor! It’s strawberries, watermelon, and just a hint of cooling (non-minty) menthol. It’s very refreshing and tastes like you’re inhaling an iced fruity drink. Mmmm.

32. Transformer by High Voltage Vaporz

This one was really neat because it had caffeine and vitamin B added to it! The basic premise behind High Voltage Vaporz is that they make juices that are like energy drinks in vape form. Pretty cool, huh? This one was a mixed berry flavor, and I thought it was pretty good (though not as good as their other flavor I tried). Just don’t vape this one late at night because it might keep you awake if you’re highly-sensitive to caffeine like I am.

33. Diode by High Voltage Vaporz

This is another flavor that had caffeine and vitamin B added to it, but I liked it a lot better. It was an orange-peach flavor that was just the right amount of sweet. I’d definitely get this one again.

34. Crawlie Tuesday by 7Daze

This one made my tongue sore! lol. It was a “sour gummy worms” flavor and it tasted exactly as described. Though I had to take it easy on it because it really, really did make my tongue sore if I vaped it for too long — exactly like your tongue would get if you ate a bunch of sour candy!

35. Thrasher by ANML Unleashed

This one is definitely ADV material. It’s a white peach gummy flavor that I absolutely loved. It was really sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, you know what I mean? If you love peaches (and I do!), then you’ll love Thrasher.

36. Lava Flow by Naked

This one was coconut, pineapple, and just a hint of strawberry. The coconut is definitely the main flavor that comes through. I thought it was okay, but could stand to be a little sweeter. However, the boy at the vape store who recommended it to me said it was his all-time favorite. To each their own, I guess!

37. Tango Ice by Vertigo Vapors

After I liked “Pink Drink” so much, I was anxious to try another flavor by Vertigo Vapors, so I opted for Tango Ice. This flavor is advertised as “ripe mangos, pineapples, peaches, and just a hint of mint.” Sounds good, right? Well, it actually tastes like ALL mint when you vape it. You can’t even taste the fruit flavors. lol. It’s honestly a bit like vaping a tub of Vick’s vapor rub or something — it cleared out my sinuses completely. It’s not completely awful — I actually like it in small doses — but I’d go easy on this one if you decide to get it.

Well, there you go! I hope that helps you find your next ADV!

If you liked this post, I might do another one in the future after I’ve tried out enough new flavors. Let me know in the comments!

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