Another 37 Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed

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It’s been a while since I did a MASSIVE vape juice review round-up, so here we go! These are in no particular order:

1 – 3. Magnetic Worms/Rocks/Dust by 7 Daze

I’m putting three in one category because they taste virtually the same with only slight differences. Each of these flavors is strawberry, grape, and a twist of orange. They’re all slightly sour. Worms has a “gummy” taste, Rocks has a bit of a “fizz” on the aftertaste (like pop rocks), and Dust is pretty much just straight-up sour sugar. So, if you like sour candies, these are all pretty good — you can choose which one you like best based on the “texture” you’re looking for. I also liked that they came with unicorn bottles.

4. Pink Sticks by 7 Daze

This one is heavy on the “sticks” and not so much on the “pink.” It’s based on strawberry Pocky, and you’ll mostly get the cookie flavor and not too much of the strawberry. Not too bad, but I would have loved it if it were just a tad sweeter (like Stix). I appreciated the unicorn bottle it came with though. Nice extra touch.

5. Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics

Warm pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream. I was nervous about the “whipped cream” because cream/milk vape juices make me nauseous, but I didn’t even taste the “whipped cream” in this — and that was just fine by me! The pancake flavor is dead on, and the strawberries with syrup are fantastic. This is a very unique flavor that may take you a few puffs to get used to before you’re fully on board with it. It’s thick and almost “filling” in a sense. You’ll feel like you ordered a batch of fruity pancakes at IHOP and inhaled them.

6. French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics

I’m having a hard time deciding if I liked Pancake Man or French Dude better. Today, I’m feeling French Dude. I don’t usually like blueberries, but these were just so sweet and delicious. French Dude is blueberry French toast, covered in syrup, with a dollop of whipped cream (though, again, I couldn’t taste the cream). It’s warm and inviting and incredibly sweet — much sweeter than Pancake Man.

7. Fuse by Timebomb Vapors

My vaping friend Greg got the entire line of Timebomb Vapors juices to test out, and he said this one was the best. His thoughts on it made me curious, so I tested it out for myself. (He doesn’t have a website, otherwise I’d link to what he said!). This is a VERY refreshing fruity vape. It’s a mix of strawberry and watermelon, heavy on the watermelon — but it tastes like REAL fruit, not fruit flavoring. It’s very light. Like biting into a slice of watermelon, and then nibbling on a strawberry afterwards. A good summer treat.

8. Strawberry Strike by Lost Art Liquids

This is one of Lost Art Liquids new TFN (tobacco-free nicotine) vape juices. It’s basically strawberry bubblegum flavor, and it’s delicious. Very pure flavor thanks to the TFN. It’s VERY sweet. One of the sweetest vape juices I’ve ever tried. My only complaint (and this will be a plus for some of you out there!) is that it’s 80% VG, so it’s very liquidy. High-VG liquids tend to burn out my tank’s coils faster, so I don’t use them as often. But this juice is such a sweet treat, that I can’t resist using it every once in a while. I’ve actually bought three 120ml bottles of it thus far.

9. Circus Coconut Cake by Circus E-Liquid

I couldn’t find a website for these guys, but you can find this one at pretty much any online vaping supply store. It tastes like one of those Samoa cookies the Girl Scouts sell, but without the chocolate. It has a weird aftertaste though that reminds me of the flavor I get in my mouth after downing a diet soda. Also, my roommate was allergic to this one. We were sitting on the couch vaping together and I had this one in my tank and his eyes turned red and began to water. (He had a similar reaction when I was vaping Peach Gummies by Shark one time). To save him from aggravation, I tossed it out. No big loss though. That aftertaste really killed it for me.

10. Rocket Pop by Rocket Fuel Vapes

Cherries, lemons, limes, and blue raspberry come together in this one for a sweet, tangy, tart vaping experience. Very nice. Though the version I got at the local store was the “max VG” version so, again, it burned out my coil a little quicker than I’d like. However, on their website, they let you choose the VG/PG ratio, so that would probably be a better option when buying this one if you’re picky like I am.

11. Yummy Gum by Naked 100

I’ve had a few Naked 100 flavors at this point, and I don’t really see what the big deal is about this brand. Yummy Gum was good, but didn’t blow me away. If you’re looking for a good strawberry bubblegum flavor, check out #8 on this list. This flavor isn’t BAD or anything, but Lost Art did it better.

12. Marshmallow Man by Donuts

It tastes like you’re vaping a mouthful of marshmallows. They also have a toasted version. It’s decent for what it is, but I grew tired of it very quickly. For a marshmallow-flavored vape with a bit more to it, I recommend Fluffy.

13. Pineapple Express by Vapetasia

Pineapples with cream. Sort of like a Pineapple BANG! drink you’d get at a 7-Eleven. I loved the pineapple flavor, but I couldn’t stop gagging on the milky aftertaste. If you love pineapples and don’t get nauseous from milky vapes (like I do), then give this one a shot. I think my friend Frank would love it. It’s by the same people who made his favorite juice, Killer Custard.

14. Pop Deez by Steep Vapors

Pop Deez is basically Cracker Jacks in vape form. It’s caramel popcorn with nuts. Very unusual flavor, but fun if you’re looking to try something new.  It tastes pretty much exactly like you’re inhaling a handful of Cracker Jacks! Not kidding. If you’re into that, or just want to try it as a novelty, then give it a shot. It’s not an ADV, but it’s fun. And each box includes a prize! I got a drip tip. 🙂

15. Grapefruit Soda by Liquid Ejuice

This one comes to us from Canada. Sweet and sour with a bit of fizz at the end. Tastes pretty much exactly like it sounds like it would. It tastes like a grapefruit soda — and I happen to like grapefruit sodas. My one complaint is that it’s WARM. Grapefruit soda is hard to tolerate warm. This is one case where a little menthol could have helped out. It really needs something added to it to “cool” it down.

16. Cinnamon Roll by Kilo

Warm cinnamon roll drizzled in butter with heavy cream cheese frosting. The creaminess made me gag (I’m so sorry. I know I’m defective when it comes to milky vapes!), but, before that hit me, I thought it was pretty lovely. The cinnamon roll is warm and inviting — bready and heavy on the cinnamon flavor. It has a strong “natural” cinnamon taste (NOT cinnamon candy) that was spot-on. It’s like inhaling a freshly-baked cinnamon roll straight out of the oven.

17. Taruto by Yami Vapor

Egg custard. Dan Ta. This one also activated my gag reflex when I tried to take a good strong puff. But, in small doses, I could tolerate it. It tastes like sweet, creamy, eggs inside a bready crust. It’s heavy. It’s honestly a bit hard to describe if you haven’t eaten what it’s based on. Try to imagine scrambling up some eggs with a ton of sugar and cream and then inhaling them. It’s…an experience. If you’re REALLY into sweet-tasting eggs, give it a go, I guess? If you’re a custard fan, you might enjoy it.

18. Chocolate Hazelnut Crepes by Vape Crepe

I’ve never had Nutella, but my friend smelled me vaping this and thought I was making Nutella sandwiches. Haha. It’s rich chocolate with a slight hazelnut aftertaste. You don’t even taste the crepes, and I’m fine with that. This is by far the best chocolate vape juice I’ve ever had thus far. Perfect for “that time” of the month, if you know what I mean. It’s pure chocolatey goodness. A great palate cleanser as well.

19. Gummiberry by Juishy

This was pretty nasty. I hated it. It only vaguely tasted of anything remotely resembling gummi bears, and definitely didn’t taste like berries. It tasted like…chemicals. It was gross.

20. Wisdom by Mello Buddha

I think this was the most disappointing vape juice I’ve ever purchased. I love tea flavors, so I was excited to try Mello Buddha’s Wisdom (green tea with lemon). The wooden bottle was beautiful. They definitely went all out on the packaging! Too bad the actual vape juice sucks. It smells like patchouli and tastes even worse. Very skunky. Made my entire room STINK to high Heaven for several hours, even after I opened all the windows.

21. Brew Frappe by Juice Roll Upz

Cold coffee with caramel. Best coffee flavor I’ve tried thus far. I would vape it in the morning, just like I was having a real cup of coffee, and then switch over to something else for the rest of the day. It was too much for me to handle vaping more than one tank at a time. It’s good — but it’s STRONG. If you’re a total coffee addict, then you could probably make this an ADV, but, if not, then stick to using it as a palate cleanser.

22. Pink Palmer by Tailored Vapors

One of my all-time favorite vape juices. Pink lemonade mixed with sweet tea. It tastes primarily like sweet iced tea with just enough lemons to give it a kick. Imagine shaking up a bottle of Snapple and then vaping it. If you dig tea-flavored vape juices, this should be on your “must have” list.

23. Strawberry Jam Monster by Jam Monster Liquids

This one might seem odd at first, but I IMPLORE you to give it a chance. This is another one of my all-time favorite ADVs. It’s buttered toast with strawberry jam. You can taste EVERYTHING — the bread, the butter, the jam. It’s an amazing experience. I have no idea how they did it, but I LOVE it.

24. Blueberry Jam Monster by Jam Monster Liquids

I honestly have a hard time choosing between this one and the strawberry version as “top fave” from this line. The blueberry version is also a bready, buttery, jam-filled delight. It’s a little less sweet than its strawberry counterpart. I usually choose strawberry when I want a kick in the sweet tooth, and blueberry when I’m looking for something a little more mellow (but equally delicious).

25. Apple Jam Monster by Jam Monster Liquids

Like strawberry and blueberry, this Jam Monster has a strong bread and butter taste. However, the apple jam is jam-packed with cinnamon. It’s VERY strong. I love cinnamon, so I loved this juice. However, even I couldn’t make this one an ADV because it was REALLY strong. One or two tanks, and I was ready to switch over to another flavor. It’s GREAT, don’t get me wrong, but the flavor is a bit overwhelming at times.

26. Yummy Bears by World Star Vape

Pineapple gummi bears. It tastes okay going in (like pineapple), but has a weird chemical taste on the exhale. It’s kinda like I said earlier with #9 — it has that “I just drank a diet soda” aftertaste. Kinda icky.

27. Cheesecake Fantasy by Triumphant

This is an odd one. Imagine someone made you a cheesecake, but forgot to put any sugar in it. It just tastes like cheese and crust, with zero sweetness. It’s very weird. It didn’t make me gag (thank goodness!), but I can’t honestly say I enjoyed it. I kept it around because it’s a bit of a novelty, but I still haven’t made it through my one 15ml bottle yet.

28. Donuts (Blueberry) by Donuts

Blueberry donut dipped in milk. I hated this one because it made me feel ill, but my roommate really liked it. He said it was very heavy and sweet with a strong blueberry exhale. He also described it as “smooth” and “creamy.” So, I guess, if milk flavors don’t make you gag, maybe give it a shot? (By the way, I don’t actively go out and buy flavors that make me gag lol. They’re usually given to me by vape stores or friends who don’t know me well enough…).

29. Strawberry by SQN Vapor

This was part of SQN Vapor’s NKTR Sour line. It’s a TFN juice, and has a very “pure” flavor. I enjoyed it at first, but then it started to hurt my mouth a bit — almost like when you suck on too many sour candies! Other reviews I read for this one said it was “mostly sweet,” but the bottle I had was VERY sour. Perhaps mine had been steeping for a while? If you like sour strawberry candies, give it a shot. But be careful. If your bottle is as sour as mine was, you might get a little pain with your pleasure.

30. Blue Raspberry Drip Pops by 7 Daze

It tastes like blue raspberry candy. SWEET blue raspberry candy, not sour. It’s got sort of a thick stickiness to it — like crunching down on a lollipop instead of licking it. I enjoyed it in small doses, but it was a bit of sweetness overload for me. The packaging is adorable though, I must say.

31. Queen by Strawberry Queen

One of my absolute favorite vape juices. Strawberry Queen has plenty of strawberry-based flavors to choose from (with menthol, with cream, with donuts, with lemonade, etc.), but the original QUEEN is my girl. Queen is just straight-up RIPE strawberries, no frills. It tastes like you’re inhaling REAL strawberries (not candied, not strawberry-flavored) that are at the peak of ripe deliciousness. This is an ADV for sure. If you’re a strawberry lover, this is a MUST TRY to add to your list. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their other flavors in the “kingdom.” They even make strawberry with COFFEE (“Dragon” flavor). They’re REALLY into strawberries at this company, and I love them for it.

32. Fumi’s Rainbow by Fumi Ejuice

All of the Fumi flavors are $6.99 — and that would usually make me worry. I’ve had bad luck with cheap juices. I can’t speak for their other flavors, but “Rainbow” was actually decent! If you like “Unicorn Puke” by Lost Art Liquids, then you’ll like this. It’s almost exactly the same flavor. Rainbow sherbet.

33. Cotton Candy by Pop Clouds

Pretty much anything by Pop Clouds is going to be good. Watermelon is still my favorite, but this was nice. Probably the lesser of all their flavors, but still good. Capturing cotton candy as a vape juice flavor is tough. It tasted a bit like taking a piece of cotton candy fluff and wadding it up into a compact piece of sugar between your fingers (hopefully everyone reading this has done that before and knows what I’m talking about). The flavor is very concentrated — it misses the mark a bit on the light airy flavor of real cotton candy. Their fruity flavors are definitely where it’s at, but if this is the only flavor a shop has in stock, give it a shot. Just be warned that it’s VERY sweet.

35. No. 71 by Beard Vape Co.

If you love sweet and sour peach gummi rings, you’re going to LOVE this vape juice. It tastes EXACTLY like that candy.

36. Pink Burst by Keep It 100

If you like strawberry Starburst, you’ll love this. It’s giving Pink Cubes a run for their money. It’s my current ADV and I’m loving it. Sweet candy flavor, but not TOO sweet. Great stuff.

37. Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo

I have trouble with milk/cream vape juices, but I can get away with vaping yogurt e-juices. Go figure. I enjoyed this one. It’s strawberries and kiwis in yogurt. I primarily tasted the kiwi with just a hint of the strawberry, and it has a strong yogurt exhale. It’s incredibly smooth.

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PS: Each of the headers is actually a link to the company mentioned. If you want to buy any of the juices I reviewed, just click on the (non-affiliate) header link. I know my theme is weird and doesn’t show that things are links sometimes, so I figured I’d better mention it.

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