Lauren VapingHey there!

My name is Lauren. I vape.

I’m a multiple award-winning freelance writer and I’m the owner of LittleZotz Writing.

Vaping is my favorite hobby, and I wrote about vaping so often on my personal site that I decided to make an entirely new site JUST for posts about vaping.

I started vaping in April 2016 and it changed my life. I love it. I’d never smoked a cigarette a day in my life; however, vaping has brought me a TON of joy. It’s helped with my anxiety, and has even helped me to lose weight (since I vape sweet flavors, I managed to quit my sugar/desserts addiction!).

I try to test out EVERY flavor of vape juice sold at the local shops I visit, even if I ultimately end up hating it. I love trying new juices!

I also love collecting vape mods. I have quite a few of them.

I started this website as a hobby, just to share my LOVE for vaping. I also wanted to help spread a positive view of an oft-misunderstood industry, and help further support the local shops I love.

My hope is that this site will help me connect with other vapers (’cause vapers are good peeps!), and that I’ll send some business to the shops I dig. I don’t plan on making any money off of this site for myself (though I wouldn’t mind getting sent things to review!), but I do hope that my efforts here will help keep local Los Angeles vape shops in business — because, dude, I NEED them to stay in business! Where else am I going to hang out with vapers and buy vape supplies? Seriously! 😉

Feel free to write to me with questions or comments at any time. My e-mail address is littlezotz@gmail.com

Happy vaping!