Spotlight Review: Black Note

Black Note is a vape juice company that makes exclusively tobacco flavors. This excited me because I only like vaping tobacco flavors — and nothing else, if I can help it. I’m a connoisseur of tobacco-flavored e-juices.

And, of course, I was very intrigued that Black Note derives all of their nicotine from actual tobacco leaves. They grow their own tobacco, cure it, condition it, blend it, and extract it… The whole process can apparently take up to two years. That’s a lot of dedication.

They use no chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Thanks to this, their juice won’t clog up your coils as quickly as normal e-juices would. It also means that you can taste the purity of the flavors (but I’ll get into that in a moment).

As a company, I really admire Black Note. They’re doing something very unique in the vaping industry. Not to mention they give part of all their profits to selected charities.  That’s great. But how do their products hold up to testing…? Continue reading “Spotlight Review: Black Note”