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Black Note is a vape juice company that makes exclusively tobacco flavors. This excited me because I only like vaping tobacco flavors — and nothing else, if I can help it. I’m a connoisseur of tobacco-flavored e-juices.

And, of course, I was very intrigued that Black Note derives all of their nicotine from actual tobacco leaves. They grow their own tobacco, cure it, condition it, blend it, and extract it… The whole process can apparently take up to two years. That’s a lot of dedication.

They use no chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Thanks to this, their juice won’t clog up your coils as quickly as normal e-juices would. It also means that you can taste the purity of the flavors (but I’ll get into that in a moment).

As a company, I really admire Black Note. They’re doing something very unique in the vaping industry. Not to mention they give part of all their profits to selected charities.  That’s great. But how do their products hold up to testing…?

First Glance: The Packaging

If you order one of Black Note’s “notebook” collections, you’ll be blown away by the packaging. It comes in a very lovely box. The presentation was BEAUTIFUL and really makes you want to try out the juices — but not before you take a lot of pictures to show all your friends.

I also really liked the whole “music” vibe they’ve got going on. Prelude, Sonata, Solo, etc. It really made the set special.

Any of Black Note’s sets would make a perfect Christmas gift for a vaping friend. Especially one who is just getting into vaping and misses their cigarettes. You could gift them with a Black Note set and a mod and they’d be good to go — and Black Note’s packaging would surely excite them enough to give vaping a real shot.

As an artist, I’m a sucker for great marketing designs, and Black Note is incomparable in that department. I’ve seen so many crappy vape labels since I started vaping — just real shit — but Black Note actually puts in the effort to dress their products up and make them look good.

As an added bonus, they let you customize their juice labels for free. So, if you DO get your friend some as a Christmas gift, you can include a personalized message right on the label. Pretty neat.

But we all know pretty packaging isn’t why we vape. How does it actually taste?

Reviewing the Flavors

I got the largest “notebook” of flavors to try. This included: Prelude, Legato, Sonata, Forte, Solo, and Quartet.

Prelude was very, very light. Sweet, but not too flavorful. Forte, Sonata, and Legato are all very similar to Prelude, but get just slightly stronger/more flavorful in the order I wrote them down.

One of the drawbacks to these flavors is also one of its strengths. ALL of the flavors taste GOOD, but they all (with two exceptions) taste a bit alike. It’s a very “pure” tobacco flavor. If that’s what you like, then you’ll love all of those flavors.

The two I was most excited to try were Solo (menthol) and Quartet (the strongest of the bunch, with a slight peppery flavor).

Solo was good. A solid tobacco flavor. But you could just barely taste the mint. So, if you’re a menthol lover, you’ll likely be disappointed. It doesn’t pack the punch that most menthol/mint flavors do. You won’t get that cold “ahhhhh” throat hit. It’s more like taking the tiniest nibble of an actual mint leaf (which goes along with Black Note’s dedication to using natural flavors). It’s good, don’t get me wrong; but I wanted to be punched the the throat with the mint — not have it be barely there.

Quartet is definitely the strongest flavor, but, like Solo, it doesn’t punch you in the throat. Maybe it would be more powerful at a higher nic level? I was vaping 6mg nicotine for all of these.

Quartet, like Solo, focuses primarily on the tobacco taste, leaving the secondary flavor (pepper) securely in the background. You barely taste it. It’s there…but it’s just BARELY there.

Overall, the flavors were excellent for what they are. They all taste pretty much alike, but, if you LIKE that flavor, then you’ll love all of them.

However, if you’re looking for more distinction between each of your tobacco juices — with secondary flavors that come to the forefront and knock you out — then I’d look into Spice Master. (I’m particularly fond of “Butch Cassidy”).

Other Notes

Very important: if you’re using a sub-ohm tank, don’t vape these flavors at too high of a wattage. You won’t be able to taste them. I thought I hated all of the flavors at first because I had my vape mod cranked up and they all tasted like shit.

I tried them on three different mods with three different tanks and was getting frustrated. Then, out of pure luck, my hand slipped and bumped down the wattage on my mod to 40 and — lo-and-behold! — the flavors started to POP.

I have no clue why this is. Someone who’s much more of an expert than I am can probably explain it better. I just know that as soon as I turned down the wattage, the flavors suddenly became delicious. They went from tasting like garbage to tasking like pure tobacco goodness.

Final Thoughts

Black Note doesn’t pack the punch that other tobacco flavors do, but they got too many things right to ignore them. Their flavors are light, but they’re very “pure.” And, dat packaging! Can’t let that go unnoticed.

If you’re looking for pure tobacco flavors that don’t kick you in the throat, then Black Note is definitely worth a try.

And, again, their “notebook” collections make wonderful gifts. Even though I’ve already tried all of their flavors, I’d still be excited if someone gave me another box.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this company. They have a new line of flavors coming out (“V”) that sounds pretty exciting. If “V” can successfully punch me in the throat, I’ll be fully sold on this company. For now… I’ll stick with Spice Master for the strong stuff, and only use Black Note when I’m feeling in the mood for something mild.

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