Spotlight Review: Vape Craft Inc. (Bombshell Line)

Hi, Everyone!

I was in the hospital recently (which is why I haven’t updated as often), and one of the things I kept thinking was: “I can’t wait to get home and vape my Bombshell juice!”

Yeah. It’s that good.

But let me back up for a second…

I was approached by Vape Craft Inc. last month and they asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their new Bombshell line of vape juices. I agreed under the usual terms (that I’d review it so long as I was allowed to keep my review completely HONEST).

I wasn’t expecting much. The last few companies who have sent me juices were very disappointing. I thought it would be “tolerable” at best.

Boy, was I wrong! And I couldn’t be happier to admit my error.

The Bombshell line of vape juices is my new favorite line of juices. Each and every juice in it is an ADV and they each blew me away. I haven’t been this impressed with a vape juice — let alone multiple vape juices! — in a very, very long time. Continue reading “Spotlight Review: Vape Craft Inc. (Bombshell Line)”


Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review (Plus a Bonus Juice Review!)

Hi, Everyone!

Vaping Zone recently approached me and asked if they could send me a few of their products to review. I told them “sure!” They then sent me the Vaporesso Revenger and two bottles of their own brand of vape juice.

I’m going to cover the Vaporesso Revenger first and then, as a bonus at the end, tell you about Vaping Zone’s e-juices.

Let’s get started.

The Specs

The first thing you’ll want to note is that the Vaporesso Revenger is much larger in person than it looks in pictures. It measures 45mmX89mmX28mm. It’s a hefty mod that takes dual 18650 batteries to operate.

It has a resistance range of 0.05-5 ohms, a temperature control range of 200F-600F, and can go from 5-220 watts. It’s a powerful beast in those regards! Plus you can control all the factors mentioned, or run it in bypass mode, which is pretty neat.

It comes in seven different colors (shown here in blue), so you have plenty of options if you want to match your vape to your wardrobe.

The tank holds a whopping 5ml of juice and has some unique features (which I’ll get into below). It’s made from stainless steel and takes its own ceramic coils.

So how does the mod hold up to testing? Continue reading “Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review (Plus a Bonus Juice Review!)”


Spotlight Review: Black Note

Black Note is a vape juice company that makes exclusively tobacco flavors. This excited me because I only like vaping tobacco flavors — and nothing else, if I can help it. I’m a connoisseur of tobacco-flavored e-juices.

And, of course, I was very intrigued that Black Note derives all of their nicotine from actual tobacco leaves. They grow their own tobacco, cure it, condition it, blend it, and extract it… The whole process can apparently take up to two years. That’s a lot of dedication.

They use no chemical additives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. Thanks to this, their juice won’t clog up your coils as quickly as normal e-juices would. It also means that you can taste the purity of the flavors (but I’ll get into that in a moment).

As a company, I really admire Black Note. They’re doing something very unique in the vaping industry. Not to mention they give part of all their profits to selected charities.  That’s great. But how do their products hold up to testing…? Continue reading “Spotlight Review: Black Note”


6 Strawberry Vape Juices to Try

Strawberries are without a doubt one of the most popular and delicious fruits on the planet. For this reason, it is no surprise that there is no shortage of strawberry e-juice flavors. Due to such a wide range of flavors based around the little juicy red fruit, it can be hard to decide which vape juice to buy.

Personally, strawberry flavored e-liquids are my absolute favorite. If you read Lauren and my previous review of the juice brand One Hit Wonder you know that my favorite, and first flavor ever, was Milk Man — a take on strawberry milk.

You may be wondering what other combinations are available out there if you love strawberries, and, most importantly, are they TASTY? Let’s find out, shall we? Continue reading “6 Strawberry Vape Juices to Try”


Another 37 Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed

Hey, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I did a MASSIVE vape juice review round-up, so here we go! These are in no particular order:

1 – 3. Magnetic Worms/Rocks/Dust by 7 Daze

I’m putting three in one category because they taste virtually the same with only slight differences. Each of these flavors is strawberry, grape, and a twist of orange. They’re all slightly sour. Worms has a “gummy” taste, Rocks has a bit of a “fizz” on the aftertaste (like pop rocks), and Dust is pretty much just straight-up sour sugar. So, if you like sour candies, these are all pretty good — you can choose which one you like best based on the “texture” you’re looking for. I also liked that they came with unicorn bottles.

4. Pink Sticks by 7 Daze

This one is heavy on the “sticks” and not so much on the “pink.” It’s based on strawberry Pocky, and you’ll mostly get the cookie flavor and not too much of the strawberry. Not too bad, but I would have loved it if it were just a tad sweeter (like Stix). I appreciated the unicorn bottle it came with though. Nice extra touch.

5. Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics

Warm pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream. I was nervous about the “whipped cream” because cream/milk vape juices make me nauseous, but I didn’t even taste the “whipped cream” in this — and that was just fine by me! The pancake flavor is dead on, and the strawberries with syrup are fantastic. This is a very unique flavor that may take you a few puffs to get used to before you’re fully on board with it. It’s thick and almost “filling” in a sense. You’ll feel like you ordered a batch of fruity pancakes at IHOP and inhaled them. Continue reading “Another 37 Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed”


Spotlight On: Pink Spot Vapors

Hey, Everyone!

I came across Pink Spot Vapors on Twitter when I was looking for vape shops to follow. I was attracted to their lovely hot pink logo (hot pink is one of my two favorite colors). They also made delightful use of memes in their daily Tweets.

They apparently took an interest in me as well, because they followed me back, and began engaging with me online. It wasn’t long before they offered to send me a few samples for one of my “Spotlight” vape shop reviews.

Like My Freedom Smokes, Pink Spot Vapors has been in the business a long time. They started in 2009, and are doing their own thing. They create all their own juices. Vape juice is also their primary focus. (They sell a few mech mods and RDAs as well, but juice dominates their website).

They sent me four fruity flavors to try and three tobacco flavors, along with some fun bracelets and a squishy baseball.

I don’t vape tobacco flavors. However, my roommate, Ramiro Roman (the artist who drew my website banner and the illustration accompanying my “Vape Nation” post), vapes exclusively tobacco-flavored vape juices. So I gave those three flavors to him, and convinced him to help me with this review.

First, you’ll hear from me. Then you’ll hear Ramiro’s thoughts. And then I’ll cap everything off with a few “final thoughts.” Be sure to stay tuned until the very end because I make a few points that may help your ultimate decision on whether to buy from Pink Spot Vapors or not. Continue reading “Spotlight On: Pink Spot Vapors”


Vape Box: June 2017

Hi, Everyone!

Thanks to reader support, I was able to get a one-month subscription to Vape Box!

Quick note: If you’d like to support Lauren Vapes financially — so that I can continue to have rad vape products to review — there are three easy ways to do so…

  1. Make a pledge to my Patreon.
  2. Use THIS LINK to buy anything you want from Vapor DNA. (affiliate link)
  3. Use THIS LINK to buy anything you want from Vapor Beast. (affiliate link)

As of now, I count on the support of readers like you to keep this site going. I try to fund it myself as much as I can, but, due to medical bills and other nonsense in my personal life, I haven’t been able to buy as many products lately as I would like to on my own. So ANY money I get from Patreon or my affiliate links goes DIRECTLY back into the site, and it means so much to me to have your support. Thank you!

Last month, I used your funding to buy business cards (which I’ve been passing out at local vape shops around the Los Angeles area). This month, I got the Enthusiast Plan from Vape Box.

Speaking of which… Vape Box is AMAZING! Continue reading “Vape Box: June 2017”


Spotlight On: One Hit Wonder Vape Juice

Hi, Everyone!

I was recently turned onto a neat Los Angeles-based vape juice company called One Hit Wonder. They’re trying their darnest to create PREMIUM “top shelf” vape juices, and they even have a nifty sponsorship program for bloggers, if any of you are interested in that kind of thing.

I initially bought a bottle of their “Muffin Man” juice from an outside vendor, but it was horrifically expired and tasted absolutely terrible — so I wrote to One Hit Wonder to tell them what happened. Right off the bat, I’ll say that OHW has excellent customer service. They answered all my questions, and even provided me with a discount code so I could get some UNEXPIRED juice at a great rate.

I ended up with one of each of the flavors they had available at the time, which was nearly their entire line.  They have two flavors that I missed: Police Man (donuts with cereal) and Drippin’ Whip (whipped cream) that weren’t available at the time. And I have a mild interest in Police Man if it (he?) ever shows up; however, I have no interest in trying Drippin’ Whip for reasons I’ll get into in a moment. (Though it WILL be reviewed in this entry — just not by me! More on that in a few minutes as well… Stick around! This is a long one!).

The reason I have no interest in Drippin’ Whip is because I know that I’ll hate it. I detest milk flavors. Which puts poor One Hit Wonder at a disadvantage, where I’m concerned. MOST of their flavors are milk-based in some form or another.

This is why I’ve called in my friend, and fellow vaper, Frank Spear, to write a secondary review at the bottom of this post. He LOVES milk flavors — and is the person who turned me onto OHW in the first place — and I figured that, between the two of us, we’d give One Hit Wonder a fair shake. So, first, you’ll get my official Lauren Vapes review (by me, Lauren) and then you’ll get to hear Frank’s thoughts.

Sound good? Good. Let’s do this. Continue reading “Spotlight On: One Hit Wonder Vape Juice”


Spotlight On: My Freedom Smokes

Hey, Everyone!

Recently, I took an interest in an online vape shop called My Freedom Smokes over at myfreedomsmokes.com. The name really caught my eye… My FREEDOM Smokes. That really registered with me.

Also, the fact that My Freedom Smokes was founded in 2008, whereas most of the shops here in the United States were founded much later, also intrigued me. I’m actually trying to get ahold of their founder, Chris Yelton, in order to interview him, because, clearly, he had a lot of foresight when he created MFS and I’d love to hear his story (so if any of you know how to get through to him, let me know — thus far my e-mails to their various addresses online about this have gone unanswered).

I was also very interested in the fact that they not only sell the usual brands — Smok, Joytech, Aspire, etc. — but they create their OWN products as well… I thought that was really nifty, and it inspired me to get some of their “premiere” products in order to do a “Spotlight” review on their stuff.

I received:

  • A t-shirt
  • A vape band/tank protector.
  • 30mL of juice
  • A disposable e-cig

And the stuff arrived VERY quickly, and they updated me with shipping info as it progressed (sent, on the way, delivered). That was great. And their age verification process and everything was easy to get through and not a pain at all. All wonderful things, and what you’d expect from a good online vape shop.

But how were their products? Continue reading “Spotlight On: My Freedom Smokes”


37 Flavors of Vape Juice: Reviewed!

magicvapeHey, Everyone!

Since I’ve been vaping for a while now, I thought it might be fun to share some of the flavors of juice I’ve bought!

Thus far, I’ve bought 37 different flavors of juice and I’ve reviewed them all (in no particular order) below.

Most of these juices are made in California and might not be available in all areas; however, most of the manufacturers are willing to ship out of state — so ask your local vape shop to look into them if I mention a flavor you’re interested in. 🙂

Without further ado, here are my mini vape juice reviews:

1. Stix

This is my absolute all-time favorite. This is typically my All Day Vape (ADV). It’s a sweet strawberry wafer flavor that tastes like strawberries on the way in and sweet cookies on the way out. The flavor is just intense enough to give you a consistent yummy taste in your mouth, but mild enough that it doesn’t become overpowering or tiresome. Continue reading “37 Flavors of Vape Juice: Reviewed!”