Snow Wolf Mini Review

My name is Kara, and I’m a vaper. I switched from hookah to vaping a few years back and have used both mechanical and digital mods for my tanks. The last mod I used required one rechargeable battery. I vape at a low wattage (35W to 40W) but I kept getting dry or burned hits. I tried a new atomizer, a new tank, and a new battery set and nothing helped.

My good friend Lauren at Lauren Vapes sent me a Snow Wolf Mini to try and see if it helped at all. I decided to review it. Here we go!

The Specs

This is a nice pocket-sized travel vape mod. It measures 68.5mm by 43mm by 24mm and weighs .170 kg. It fits in my change pocket on my jeans and isn’t so heavy that it  pulls my pants down.

The ion-lithium rechargeable battery has a 3000 mah capacity with a mini USB port, which has a fairly common cord so I found that very convenient.

It’s got a wattage output range of 5-80W and a voltage output range of .5-7.5V.  Its hit is consistent and the battery life is more than enough to get me through several days of off-and-on vaping.

It sports an on/off switch to keep it from turning on when you don’t want it to (like in your pocket, or in your bag) and an easy-to-read led screen. Its got a simple button layout of power and plus/minus makes menu navigation and usage easy. I only have the mod — not the kit and user manual it would usually come with — and even without it I was able to figure out how to adjust all the settings and set the DIY profiles.

The Snow Wolf Mini comes in a few different colors: matte black, glossy black, silver, and gold. All of the different colors have the smooth black glass back and front.

I’m using it with a tank that holds 3.0 ml of liquid with a .6 ohm 20-50 W atomizer. The tank I use is not one that comes with the mod but it is a standard-sized tank and it sits comfortably and securely on the mod. It’s nice that if you have a sub ohm tank you like you can use it on this mod with no problems. Continue reading “Snow Wolf Mini Review”


Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review (Plus a Bonus Juice Review!)

Hi, Everyone!

Vaping Zone recently approached me and asked if they could send me a few of their products to review. I told them “sure!” They then sent me the Vaporesso Revenger and two bottles of their own brand of vape juice.

I’m going to cover the Vaporesso Revenger first and then, as a bonus at the end, tell you about Vaping Zone’s e-juices.

Let’s get started.

The Specs

The first thing you’ll want to note is that the Vaporesso Revenger is much larger in person than it looks in pictures. It measures 45mmX89mmX28mm. It’s a hefty mod that takes dual 18650 batteries to operate.

It has a resistance range of 0.05-5 ohms, a temperature control range of 200F-600F, and can go from 5-220 watts. It’s a powerful beast in those regards! Plus you can control all the factors mentioned, or run it in bypass mode, which is pretty neat.

It comes in seven different colors (shown here in blue), so you have plenty of options if you want to match your vape to your wardrobe.

The tank holds a whopping 5ml of juice and has some unique features (which I’ll get into below). It’s made from stainless steel and takes its own ceramic coils.

So how does the mod hold up to testing? Continue reading “Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review (Plus a Bonus Juice Review!)”


Vape Review: SMOK G-PRIV 220

Hey, Everyone!

Check out my fancypants touchscreen vape! Pretty cool, huh?

The SMOK G-Priv uses two batteries and ramps up to 220W. It has a resistance range of 0.1 – 3.0 ohms and a temperature range of 200 – 600 degrees (F).

It’s a hefty lil bugger at 202 grams (almost half a pound!).

It comes in 10 different colors, all featuring a carbon fiber battery cover.

If you get the “kit” version, it comes with the TFV8 Big Baby tank which has a 5ml capacity.

It’s an eye-catching vape mod (I get a lot of comments on it when I take it out in public), but how does it stack up…? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons. Continue reading “Vape Review: SMOK G-PRIV 220”


Vape Review: Smoking Vapor Mi One Dragon Skin Kit

Hi, Everyone!

This week, I’m going to be reviewing the Mi One AIO Kit by Smoking Vapor. I got the “dragon skin” version, as you can see on the left.

I received my Mi One from Vapor Beast at a discount. They’re currently selling them for around $40.

Like the vape itself, I’m going to keep this review short. Heh. And, yes, that’s probably the first thing you’ll notice about this particular mod: It’s VERY small.

Let’s take a look at its specs… Continue reading “Vape Review: Smoking Vapor Mi One Dragon Skin Kit”


Vape Review: SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit

Hi, Everyone!

As I promised in my review of the Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300, my next mod review is going to be the SMOK Alien. Yep. That’s the review you’re reading RIGHT NOW. I’m holding true to my word and reviewing the famous “out of this world” vape mod.

I received my Alien from Element Vape at a supreme discount. It’s black with a multi-colored splatter pattern.

I admit it, you guys: I’m in love.

The SMOK Alien is the closest I’ve come to discovering “The Perfect Vape” as of this moment. It has replaced the OSUB Plus as my main mod (though I still use my OSUB as a secondary vape mod).

Nearly everything about this mod kit is pure perfection. It’s absolutely no wonder why this particular setup has been taking the vaping world by storm. From its ergonomic design, to its nearly endless color/design choices, to its ability to deliver on both flavor AND vapor production, this mod is rocking my world right now. Continue reading “Vape Review: SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit”


Vape Review: Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300 TC Starter Kit

Hey, Everyone!

I’m a couple weeks late to the party on this one, and for that I apologize. The Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300 TC Starter Kit came out at the start of this month — and I got mine then! — but then I was sick and couldn’t do reviews for a while. Sorry about that.

First of all, I got this mod at a discount from the lovely Element Vape. Feel free to check them out. That’s not an affiliate link, and I won’t get ANY kick back if you decide to buy from them. (Though, if you DO want to contribute to Lauren Vapes, feel free to check out my Patreon *hint hint*).

But enough about money stuff. Let’s talk about this vape mod!

As you can see, it LOOKS pretty darn cool, right?

One of the coolest things about the EXO Skeleton is that you can see all of its components. Here’s a pic of my roommate showing it off: Continue reading “Vape Review: Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300 TC Starter Kit”


Vape Review: Eleaf iCare 160 All in One

Eleaf iCare 160Hey, Everyone!

Well… The time has come. My first NEGATIVE review of a product. We all knew this day would come eventually.

First of all, I want to tank the lovely VaporDNA for selling me this product at a discount. Great store! This negative review has nothing to do with them, their service, or any of the other products they sell (I actually have a very positive review of another mod I got from them coming soon!). They’re great and I’d definitely purchase from them again. It’s not their fault that THIS particular product sucks butt.

So why, exactly, does the Eleaf iCare 160 All in One “suck butt?” I’ll get into that in a moment. First, the specs…


Once again, I’m going to refer to the sales page to copy/paste the specs, since they did a lovely write-up and it’ll ensure that I don’t forget any important details: Continue reading “Vape Review: Eleaf iCare 160 All in One”


Vape Review: OSUB Plus 80W Kit by Smok

Smok Osub PlusHey, Everyone!

It’s time for another vape review!

I really took my time getting to know this one. I’ve had it for about two weeks, and, I’ll be honest: It’s now my MAIN mod. No joke. I love it.

I guess you can stop reading right there, if you like. Haha. You already know where this is going…

Once again, I got this mod via Vape NW at a supreme discount. So big thanks to them! They’re not officially sponsoring me in any way, but I love them and gotta give props where it’s due.


Once again, I’m going to copy/paste the specs for this mod from the sales page over on Vape NW, since they did such a primo job writing it up: Continue reading “Vape Review: OSUB Plus 80W Kit by Smok”