Vaping Success Story: Frank Spear

Hey, Everyone!

This is a new thing I’m doing here at Lauren Vapes. Featuring everyday vapers who have had great successes! If you’d like to share YOUR story, contact me.

For my first interview, I turned to my friend Frank Spear. He’s a fellow freelance writer and successfully quit smoking (after over a decade!) thanks to vaping.

Some of you may recognize Frank’s name from the duo review we did of One Hit Wonder’s line of vape juices. He’s a good dude.

Without further ado, here’s the transcript of my Skype interview with Frank:

My Interview with Frank Spear

Lauren Tharp: Hi, Frank! Thanks for agreeing to do this. Let’s start simple… Tell my readers who you are, please.

Frank Spear: Hi! Well, my name is Frank. I live in a tiny town in Ohio and I am a full-time freelance writer!

Lauren: Awesome. And you’re a vaper, correct?

Frank: Yes. I am a vaper, and I can say with certainty that switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Lauren: How long were you a smoker? And what inspired you to make the switch?

Frank: Well I rubbed snuff, dip, whatever you want to call it for four years (13-17) and smoked for 10 years (17-27). I decided to make the switch because I was tired of feeling like shi– erm crap every day. I wanted something different.

Lauren: And do you no longer feel like crap now that you’ve switched to vaping? Continue reading “Vaping Success Story: Frank Spear”