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I came across Pink Spot Vapors on Twitter when I was looking for vape shops to follow. I was attracted to their lovely hot pink logo (hot pink is one of my two favorite colors). They also made delightful use of memes in their daily Tweets.

They apparently took an interest in me as well, because they followed me back, and began engaging with me online. It wasn’t long before they offered to send me a few samples for one of my “Spotlight” vape shop reviews.

Like My Freedom Smokes, Pink Spot Vapors has been in the business a long time. They started in 2009, and are doing their own thing. They create all their own juices. Vape juice is also their primary focus. (They sell a few mech mods and RDAs as well, but juice dominates their website).

They sent me four fruity flavors to try and three tobacco flavors, along with some fun bracelets and a squishy baseball.

I don’t vape tobacco flavors. However, my roommate, Ramiro Roman (the artist who drew my website banner and the illustration accompanying my “Vape Nation” post), vapes exclusively tobacco-flavored vape juices. So I gave those three flavors to him, and convinced him to help me with this review.

First, you’ll hear from me. Then you’ll hear Ramiro’s thoughts. And then I’ll cap everything off with a few “final thoughts.” Be sure to stay tuned until the very end because I make a few points that may help your ultimate decision on whether to buy from Pink Spot Vapors or not.

Lauren’s Thoughts

All of Pink Spot Vapors’ juices are 60vg/40pg. So they’re very liquidy. It’s also very important to shake each of the juice bottles before you give them a try. In fact, you may need to shake your tank a few times if the juice starts to “settle.” Which brings me to an important point: I vape with tanks, and that did effect the flavors. (I’ll give a brief overview of how the flavors changed when I popped them into my RDA in the “final thoughts” section).

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is blackberries, cranberries, and a dash of citrus. I primarily tasted the cranberries and the citrus, with a little bit of the blackberries on the exhale. It’s very tart. Definitely not an ADV, because it would probably start to hurt your tongue after a long vaping session. They warned me that the Black Mamba has “bite,” and they weren’t wrong.

My main issue with this juice, and nearly all of the other juices I reviewed for PSV, is that it had a weird, almost alcoholic aftertaste. Especially after the juice “settled” in my tank. It began to taste weird after a while. And I’ve noticed that with cheap juices before — they start to taste odd once you’ve vaped them for a couple hours. (Side note: Pink Spot Vapors’ juices are currently $7.95 for a 12mL bottle).

Pink Spot

This one was raspberries, pineapples, and a dash of citrus. Which sounds friggin’ delicious. However, I had trouble getting over the smell. Something about it smelled like urine to me. And it burned my nose like hell when I exhaled out my nostrils.

If you exhale out your mouth with this one, you’ll have a much better time. The pineapple flavor stood out the most for me. But the citrus flavoring made it a sour pineapple. So, again, I probably wouldn’t use this as an ADV, simply because it’s a little harsh.

Watermelon Wave

I honestly don’t have much to say about this one. It’s a very mild watermelon flavor. It’s kind of like a watermelon Jolly Rancher that’s been soaked in a glass of water…and then you drink (vape) the water with the hard candy residue. It’s not strong enough to taste like you’re vaping the actual candy — it’s more like you’re vaping an echo of what was the candy.

That said, it’s not too objectionable. If you enjoy very light flavors, you might dig it. This is one time when I think adding menthol into the mix might actually make the juice better. And, at Pink Spot Vapors, you can request ANY of their flavors be “on the rocks” and they’ll add menthol to it. (I’m not usually a menthol gal, but that’s a pretty cool feature!).

Gummi Bear

This is based on a gummi bear shot. According to my brief research on Google, such a shot is basically vodka and various juices, and sometimes actual gummi bears are added into the mix. This worried me. I’m not a drinker, and I don’t enjoy alcohol, so I was a bit wary.

Oddly enough, this turned out to be my favorite flavor! It was sweet and fruity and tasted the LEAST like alcohol of all the flavors I tried! Go figure.

This is the one flavor that I’ll actually finish the bottle. It’s not the BEST “gummi bear” flavor I’ve ever had, but it’s not the worst either. It’s honestly not bad. Like, if you run out of all your “premium” juices and only have a cheap bottle of Gummi Bear left to vape, you’re not going to cry about it. It’ll tide you over and be a fairly enjoyable experience.

Ramiro’s Thoughts


Swagger starts out tasting pretty good. Kind of like a mix of a Turkish Tobacco and a Gold Leaf. However, I noticed that as I went on, it seemed to “settle” and then started tasting a little off. Like a medicine-y alcohol flavor. The composition is a little thin, so it could have just been my tank. Might be better on an RDA?

“New” Still Working on a Name

Was dreading trying this one because of the mystery. But it ended up being pretty good. A little sweet. Which I usually HATE in tobacco flavors, but it didn’t overpower the rest of it to be distracting. Most tobacco juices I’ve tried seem to fall in this trap of sweetening the flavor, to the point where all you can taste is vanilla or honey. This had small hints of that, but still managed to preserve the tobacco kick. I liked it.

Turkish Tobacco 

There’s a Turkish Tobacco vape juice by Halo that I really like. So I was eager to try this one to see how it measured up to that. It starts out OK when you inhale. Strong taste, big kick. But once you exhale you get this dreadful, peppery after-taste. Not a good time. Usually with stronger tobacco flavors I’ll keep smoking it for a while to get used to it — sometimes that’s all it takes. I tried to hang on with this one and just couldn’t do it. That flavor was something else. Pass.

Final Thoughts

Lauren again. As I mentioned earlier, it really DOES make a difference HOW you vape these flavors.

I noticed that Pink Spot Vapors only sells mechanical mods and RDAs for their hardware. This got me thinking that perhaps PSV juices were meant to be vaped in an RDA rather than a tank.

So, I busted out my RDA… and, lo-and-behold, the flavors changed. The weird aftertaste was nowhere to be seen (er…tasted…), and all of the flavors tasted more “pure” and strong. The flavors were more, well, FLAVORFUL, and the hits were much harder.

My conclusion? Pink Spot Vapors is meant for those of us in the vaping community who utilize RDAs. If you vape with a tank, they’re probably not for you (with only a few exceptions).

I’d also like to mention that Pink Spot Vapors has KILLER customer service and a lot of nifty features. Any of their flavors can be turned into a menthol flavor (as I mentioned earlier), and they can even print out customized labels for their juice bottles. So, if you want to make a bouquet of vape juice bottles for your vaping girlfriend that each say “I love you forever” or something, you totally could. That’s rad!

The squishy baseball they sent is a nice stress ball. And the vinyl bracelets are super adorable (I’ll definitely wear them!). The bracelets said:

  • “Nectar of the Mods”
  • “Happy Vaping Starts Here”
  • “Vape Love”
  • “I <3 PSV!”

Too cute, am I right?

Pink Spot Vapors flavors have a few issues (at least for tank users), but they’re doing everything else absolutely right. They’re fun, they’re affordable, and they never cease to keep the customer in mind. Go check them out!

Until next time,

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Lauren Tharp is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing. She vapes.

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