Vape Review: SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit

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As I promised in my review of the Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300, my next mod review is going to be the SMOK Alien. Yep. That’s the review you’re reading RIGHT NOW. I’m holding true to my word and reviewing the famous “out of this world” vape mod.

I received my Alien from Element Vape at a supreme discount. It’s black with a multi-colored splatter pattern.

I admit it, you guys: I’m in love.

The SMOK Alien is the closest I’ve come to discovering “The Perfect Vape” as of this moment. It has replaced the OSUB Plus¬†as my main mod (though I still use my OSUB as a secondary vape mod).

Nearly everything about this mod kit is pure perfection. It’s absolutely no wonder why this particular setup has been taking the vaping world by storm. From its ergonomic design, to its nearly endless color/design choices, to its ability to deliver on both flavor AND vapor production, this mod is rocking my world right now.

The Specs

The SMOK Alien 220W TC is currently available in 38 color choices, and they’re adding new colors/designs to that list all the time. I know that pretty color choices isn’t what makes a vape great, but it certainly helps. I like having a unique vape mod that is very clearly “me.” And sometimes I even like to match my mod to my outfit. Having a wide range of color options ensures that you’ll get a mod that reflects YOUR personality.

On a more technical level, the Alien is made from a zinc alloy and has a wattage range of 6-220, and a temperature range of 200-600F. It’s powered by two 18650 batteries. It’s not the MOST powerful vape mod on the market, but it’s got more than enough power to get the job done.

It also includes the TFV8 Baby Beast tank, which has a 3mL juice capacity. I now own five of these tanks — they’re awesome.

The Pros

At 85-44-30mm, this vape is the perfect size for lady vapers — it’s not overly cumbersome, and can easily fit in smaller hands. But it’s not TOO small for male vapers, either. My friend Frank (who wrote¬†a review with me recently) has an Alien, and he says it fits comfortably in his big manly hands as well.

The design is extremely ergonomic, and has no sharp edges to give you hand cramps after a long vape sesh. And that lateral firing button! OOH! I’m gaga for that lateral firing button.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term: a lateral firing button basically means that the ENTIRE SIDE of the vape mod is a firing button. You can squeeze it ANYWHERE, any way you want, to rev it up. Whether you prefer to press it with your thumb, or your entire hand, you absolutely CAN. It’s a wonderful feature.

I also like that the “mode” buttons are small and far away from said firing button. I’ve had this baby for weeks and have yet to accidentally change my settings by bumping the wrong button. Perfect placement, in my opinion.

The wattage range is vast, and can satisfy both beginner vapers and old pros alike. Whether you’re looking for dainty puffs or hardcore clouds with massive hits, the Alien has got you covered. And, even at higher wattages, the battery life tends to last ya.

The Baby Beast tank also continues to wow me. The top-swivel filling design is hard to beat in terms of ease-of-use. It’s a sturdy design that has a decent juice capacity. There are also a wide range of coils available to suit your needs, depending on whether you’re looking for increased flavor or vapor production. Personally, I love the Q2 coils, as they satisfy both of those aspects for me and tend to last a long time.

The Cons

For me, there are zero cons with this setup. Like I said at the start of this review, this kit is the closest I’ve come to finding the PERFECT setup.

However, if I had to think of something, I guess I’d turn my attention toward the tank. The Baby Beast is fantastic, but it might not have the juice capacity or power capabilities you prefer. If you like to have a TON of juice in your tank and REALLY ramp up your wattage, you might consider switching it out for something like the Sense Blazer 200.

Final Thoughts

Whenever a vaper — newbie or pro — asks me what vape mod I’d recommend for them to get next, THIS is always at the top of my list.

It’s comfortable, easy to use, and the color choices make it just plain FUN.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for new products, of course, but this mod is going to be a tough one to beat. Until I find something better, this mod will continue to be my main vaping device, and the mod I recommend to all my followers.

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Lauren Tharp is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing. She vapes.

2 thoughts on “Vape Review: SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit

  1. Love all your honest and upfront reviews about everything! Looking forward to eventually buying this mod in a couple months when I graduate from the iStick Pico lol.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the review, Elaine! I love Eleaf’s iStick Pico (I have one in black and one in hot pink). It was my first “real” mod, after I graduated from pen-style vapes. It’s a classic! GREAT beginner mod. But I think you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Alien. Dat lateral firing button…umf!!

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