Bring Back #StupidHandcheck

Twitter has been filled with anger and political turmoil for a while now. But, for a brief time last month, vapers united to lighten up their followers’ feeds with the hashtag #StupidHandcheck.

The idea was simple: Post your hand holding your mod (as you would with a traditional “handcheck”), and then include something you clearly will NOT be vaping. The more ridiculous, the better!

I truly enjoyed this Twitter hashtag and feel it came and went much too quickly.

I’d personally LOVE it if #StupidHandcheck became a hashtag staple for vapers both on Twitter and Instagram.

I follow all sorts of people on Twitter, but the vapers almost always have the funniest, most positive, feeds. They’re a fun-loving bunch of folks! And this was one hashtag where that fun-loving spirit really shone.

After scrolling through endless negativity, it was great to have a break to just chuckle at something purposely stupid. It really lifted my spirits every time a #StupidHandcheck was posted.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Missed out on the fun? Don’t worry. I screencapped and saved some of my favorites as they were going up last month. Check ’em out:

A Few of My Favorite #StupidHandcheck Pics

Beans are always funny for some reason.

A clean vibrator used for humor purposes is good bawdy fun.

Hehe. Rectum.

That plastic cow looks PISSED to be a part of the shenanigans. Makes me laugh every time.

Good clean joke!

This one fascinated me because I’d never seen corn on a pizza before!

This brought back some ’90s nostalgia feels — guess that’s why he calls himself “Old Skool Mike!”

Sweet music reference.

Let’s Keep This Going!

The pics above are just a sampling of what #StupidHandcheck offered viewers. Search the hashtag on Twitter to see other entries. 🙂

I’d love for this hashtag to become a permanent “thing” that vapers do online. It’s good clean fun, and Lord knows we could all use a break from the usual Twitter negativity from time to time.

What do YOU think? Should we bring it back? I know I, for one, have plenty of stupid things lying around the house I could exhibit for lulz.

Until next time,

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Lauren Tharp is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing. She vapes.

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