Vape Box: June 2017

Hi, Everyone!

Thanks to reader support, I was able to get a one-month subscription to Vape Box!

Quick note: If you’d like to support Lauren Vapes financially — so that I can continue to have rad vape products to review — there are three easy ways to do so…

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As of now, I count on the support of readers like you to keep this site going. I try to fund it myself as much as I can, but, due to medical bills and other nonsense in my personal life, I haven’t been able to buy as many products lately as I would like to on my own. So ANY money I get from Patreon or my affiliate links goes DIRECTLY back into the site, and it means so much to me to have your support. Thank you!

Last month, I used your funding to buy business cards (which I’ve been passing out at local vape shops around the Los Angeles area). This month, I got the Enthusiast Plan from Vape Box.

Speaking of which… Vape Box is AMAZING!

The Vape Box Experience

Vape Box is like Loot Crate for vapers. Each month, you get a box full of vaping surprises!

Though, unlike Loot Crate, where it’s the same for everyone, Vape Box lets you choose certain aspects of your experience. Each box is curated specifically to your likes and wants.

First, you choose what flavors you like to vape (at least three of the following):

  • Candy
  • Fruits
  • Cereal
  • Coffee
  • Baked Goods
  • Custards
  • Creams
  • Tea
  • Menthol
  • Yogurt

Then you choose any flavors you specifically DISLIKE from a long list of choices so that the Vape Box crew can use their special algorithms to filter those flavors out when deciding what to put in your box.

Next, you tell them your preferred nicotine strength — from zero to twelve.

Then, if you have the Enthusiast Plan, you can tell them which type of tanks you like (RDA, RTA, or Sub Ohm) as well as what type of mods you like (regulated, mechanical, or hybrid).

Finally, you tell them if you’re a beginner vaper or not, and whether or not you prefer high-VG juices.

The Unboxing

Your vape box will arrive in a priority mail box. When you open it, there’s another (gorgeous) box inside. After you lift the lid, you’ll be greeted with a “menu” specifically designed for you. From there, you dig through the packing material and get overwhelmed with vaper joy as you finally peep your products.

Here are some pics of my Vape Box unboxing:

What I Got

I received a total of six items.

I got a Sense Blazer 200 tank PLUS a three-pack of coils for it! I was blown away that they actually included the coils with the tank, especially since those particular coils are hard to come by. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that I already reviewed the Blazer 200 and that I love it. I’m very happy to now own two of them.

I also received four bottles of vape juice!

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit by Pachamama: This flavor was by far my favorite. And my roommate liked it too. In fact, he vaped about half the bottle himself (but I can’t blame him — it’s delicious!). The jackfruit is the primary flavor in this one and, in case you’re not familiar, jackfruit tastes like a pear and a pineapple had a baby. This juice is the perfect summer treat, and will keep you refreshed with every puff.

Big Belly Jelly by Charlie’s Chalk Dust: This flavor is “watermelon blasted with blueberry jelly beans” and it tastes exactly like it’s described. It’s SUPER sweet. You get watermelon on the inhale and blueberry jelly beans on the exhale — it’s straight-up fruity candy goodness going in AND out of your mouth. It’s a delight, but I vape it in small doses (I’ve been using it as a “dessert” after I eat dinner). It’s a little TOO sweet to be an ADV for me, but it’s a wonderful treat!

Ez Duz It On Ice by Ruthless: Strawberry and watermelon with menthol. Normally I’m not a menthol gal. Menthol flavors typically hit me a little too hard and make my throat hurt. There have been only two menthol flavors that I’ve actually enjoyed: Trilla…and this. Ez Duz It On Ice is excellent. The menthol is NOT overwhelming, instead adding an icy exhale to the sweetness. The strawberry and watermelon blends well (though I taste primarily watermelon) and the “ice” makes it like eating a fruit salad straight out of the refrigerator. It’s been in the hundreds here in Los Angeles, and this vape has been perfect for the weather — ice cold and refreshing!

Peach by Skwezed: If you like peaches, you’ll love this. Nuff said. It tastes exactly like a peach, straight off a peach tree. No frills: Just peach. Personally, I love peaches, so I loved this juice.

Will I Continue My Subscription?

If I can afford to: Absolutely!

Vape Box delivered above and beyond my expectations. For a $60 subscription, they sent me $135 worth of goods! It doesn’t get much better than that.

With your support, I’d love to continue to get the Enthusiast Plan Vape Box each month, and make updates just like this one each time it arrives in the mail. 🙂

Through Vape Box, I’d be assured to have a small collection of juices and SOME form of device to review each and every month.

What do you think? Did you like this review? Would you like me to keep doing them? Let me know!

Until next time,

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Lauren Tharp is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing. She vapes.

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    1. It’s fantastic! When I can afford to get it again (I’m between jobs right now), I’m definitely going to resubscribe. GREAT value and a ton of fun!

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