Vaping Success Story: Frank Spear

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This is a new thing I’m doing here at Lauren Vapes. Featuring everyday vapers who have had great successes! If you’d like to share YOUR story, contact me.

For my first interview, I turned to my friend Frank Spear. He’s a fellow freelance writer and successfully quit smoking (after over a decade!) thanks to vaping.

Some of you may recognize Frank’s name from the duo review we did of One Hit Wonder’s line of vape juices. He’s a good dude.

Without further ado, here’s the transcript of my Skype interview with Frank:

My Interview with Frank Spear

Lauren Tharp: Hi, Frank! Thanks for agreeing to do this. Let’s start simple… Tell my readers who you are, please.

Frank Spear: Hi! Well, my name is Frank. I live in a tiny town in Ohio and I am a full-time freelance writer!

Lauren: Awesome. And you’re a vaper, correct?

Frank: Yes. I am a vaper, and I can say with certainty that switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Lauren: How long were you a smoker? And what inspired you to make the switch?

Frank: Well I rubbed snuff, dip, whatever you want to call it for four years (13-17) and smoked for 10 years (17-27). I decided to make the switch because I was tired of feeling like shi– erm crap every day. I wanted something different.

Lauren: And do you no longer feel like crap now that you’ve switched to vaping?

Frank: I feel SO much better. I can breathe again, steps don’t wind me like they used. My sense of taste and smell is back and, truthfully, I didn’t realize how much I missed it until they were back. I just feel “cleaner” inside and out.

Lauren: That’s fantastic! Happy to hear it. Could you guide everyone through your quitting process? I mean… HOW did you do it? Did you quit cold turkey? How did that feel? Was it hard?

Frank: Well…one day I decided I was going to put forth an honest effort to quit. I had a mod…but no supplies. I went and STOCKED UP. Coils, juice, new powerful mod, everything. I didn’t want any reason to make an excuse.

Once I had everything I just…started vaping. If I had a craving I would hit my vape until the craving passed. The powerful mod was big for me. I smoked two packs a day. I needed something that “scratched the itch” so to speak.

To be honest… it wasn’t hard. The only time I found myself craving hard is after a meal or when I first woke up. Putting my vape on my nightstand helped with the latter.

Lauren: About how many days did it take for the cigarette cravings to go away?

Frank: The HARD cravings passed in about two weeks. I still get MILD cravings now, but nothing a puff or two of my vape can’t cure.

Lauren: Gotcha. Makes sense. About how long did it take for you to notice the improvements to your health?

Frank: My sense of smell and taste fully came back in about…three weeks to a month. I noticed breathing improvements in two weeks, but even now it is still getting better. If you are around smokers you will SMELL them just two days after. It’s freaky.

Lauren: Yeah. I grew up around my dad smoking, but I didn’t really notice the smell of it until I moved out and then came back for visits. It’s definitely freaky!

What nic level are you at now?

Frank: I have always vaped a 3mg. I also chain vape, so it evens out. Hah!

Lauren: Still. Going from two packs a day to 3mg nicotine is a HUGE accomplishment, chain vaping or no. Give yourself a pat on the back, Sir!

Frank: Thank you! People need to know that it IS possible to quit. You  just need to find flavors that you love, and put your mind to it

Lauren: Speaking of flavors you love… What flavors of juice do YOU love?

Frank: Well, I LOVE anything with strawberries or custards. Speaking of which, right now I am hooked on Killer Kustard with Strawberry. It is unbelievable.

Lauren: Custards and milk flavors make me nauseas. Closest I can get is a nice yogurt-flavored juice. I might have to ask you to review the milkier flavors as a guest writer someday. Whatcha think?

Frank: I would be more than happy to write some milk reviews for you. I have Milk Mustache by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Munchies Strawberry Shortcake, and many more that I think your readers might be interested in hearing about. I am sorry that they make you nauseas! I have a friend Dave like that, he gets gaggy on anything custard because he says it tastes like eggs. Haha I don’t get it.

Lauren: Haha. Sounds like a deal. Hey! Can I ask you for a spur-of-the-moment handcheck pic of what you’re vaping with and on right now? I’ll wait…


Sure! I have a 220w Smok Alien with “The Cloud Beast” tank. Good stuff, super powerful.

Lauren: Oh nice. A red Alien by SMOK! I have an Alien too. It’s one of my favorite mods. I’m vaping on the SMOK G-Priv right now with the BIG Baby tank.

What’s your favorite feature on the Alien?

Frank: SMOK G-Priv. Touchscreen fancypants. Hehe. Love it. That is awesome.

I would say my favorite thing about Alien is the lateral firing button. The size is amazing too, it is small, but packs a big punch. Not a whole lot of extra nonsense.

Lauren: I’m in love with that lateral firing button too. The G-Priv also has one, which is what attracted me to it.

Let’s get a little serious for a moment though. Do you have any thoughts on the vaping industry? I know you read my post about FDA regulations and whatnot… Have things been effected much in Ohio? Vape shops have been struggling here in Los Angeles.

Frank: I think that it is obvious that Big Tobacco is trying to get their cut, and it isn’t right. I have heard about the crazy laws in California like not being able to buy single coils and limits on juice, and frankly, it worries me.

I will say this: we recently had a big victory in Ohio. They are raising the tobacco tax by a lot — I don’t know the exact number but I know it was HIGH. Through meetings with government officials, letters, and phone calls we managed to get all “vape” language pulled from the bill. It’s a small victory, but still a step in the right direction.

Lauren: That’s fantastic news! I’ll have to look that up later and read up on it. I wish we’d had a victory like that out here. Things have been rough, Man. I actually had to quit vaping a while back because I lost my main source of income and could no longer afford it. Thankfully, I’m good at what I do, so I got hired again quickly. Back to vaping like a champ now! But dang… It’s expensive.

For me, the expense is probably the only drawback to vaping. What do you think?

Frank: Well, yes and no. The thing about vaping is it is an investment. One day, you buy your coils, batteries, and mod… and buy your juice online if you have to. I just got like… 260ml of juice, three bottles, for forty bucks. That much juice will last me a month. Compare that to two packs of cigarettes a day, at  six dollars a pack, so now that is $336 dollars a month. If anything, I am SAVING money now. Haha. $4,032 a year, for the record!

Lauren: Haha. That’s a GREAT point! I was never a smoker, so adding vaping to my life was an added expense. But, as a former smoker, you’re SAVING money. That’s really interesting!

Also, three bottle of juice for forty dollars is a steal! How’d you manage that?

One of the things I do is I follow the local vape shops on Instagram. They always make a post when they’re having a sale, and that’s when I know to go and stock up. There are definitely ways to cut the costs if you seek them out.

Frank: Oh yeah, you are right. There is always a way to save money on juice. I have a rule: NEVER pay full price for juice. Haha. I watch a semi-famous YouTuber who offers a 20% off code, I just use that at checkout and — bam! — save on shipping and the cost of the juice.

But YEAH, as a smoker I am saving a disgusting amount of money. Even if I spend $100 on juice a month, that is still $1,200 a year compared to $4,032.

Lauren: Did you want to give a shoutout to this YouTuber? I wanna watch!

Frank: Sure! Donnie MFNG #TeamNoSteep — even though (shush) sometimes I steep. Heh. Dude is hilarious. Check him out if you haven’t. He is also HONEST, which is a nice trait to have when you are looking for reviews.

Lauren: Well, I’ve taken up about an hour of your time now, so I should probably let you go. Any thoughts or advice you’d like to pass on to people thinking to get into vaping?

Frank: Yes! Don’t give up. Vaping is the answer to quitting cigarettes for good. There are so many different options out there, you just need to find what works for you. Once you find something that works, sit down, buckle in, and work towards quitting. As someone who has been cigarette-free for six months I can tell you it is worth it. I appreciate your time, Lauren!

Lauren: I appreciate your time as well, Frank! Vape on! Thanks for doing this.

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Lauren Tharp is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing. She vapes.

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