Write for Me

Would you like to write a guest post for Lauren Vapes?

Great! Even though this site has my name on it, I can’t do it alone.

Send me a pitch with your guest post idea to littlezotz@gmail.com or use the contact form below. Your subject line MUST say “Post for Lauren Vapes” or I will assume you’re spam and not open your message.

If your pitch is accepted, here’s what I’ll expect from you:

  • A blog post of at least 500 words. You can absolutely go longer than that, but that’s the minimum word count.
  • If you’re reviewing a product, I’ll need a photo taken BY YOU of the product you’re reviewing. It doesn’t have to be professionally done. The pictures with my reviews are all taken with a cellphone camera. Just try to have good lighting so the product actually shows up. (Note: If you’re not writing a review, it’s chill. I’ll find my own stock photo to go along with your  “vaping thoughts”/”vaping news” post).
  • A short author bio at the end of your post. You can include up to two links to anything you like (your website, social media outlets, whatever). You MAY include affiliate links; however, you MUST state that they’re affiliate links in said bio. (No need to send a pic of yourself — I’ll use your Gravatar with the bio).
  • THE POST MUST BE ABOUT VAPING. I’m not interested in your love for guitars, how to train a puppy, or anything else that has nothing to do with vaping.

At this time, I’m not paying for guest posts. I’d love to in the future; however, I simply cannot afford to at this time. What you will get is:

  • A published piece! If you’re a writer, feel free to use this piece in your portfolio. I’ll edit it for any typos or grammatical errors and make it look super nice before posting it.
  • A testimonial! If you do great work and want a testimonial from me saying so, I’m happy to provide one. I’m a multiple award-winning writer and editor so some nice words from me about your writing would look pretty snappy on your website or LinkedIn page. 🙂
  • A chance to promote yourself! My following is continuing to grow on a daily basis. I’ll be pimping out your article on my social media accounts to the best of my abilities. That means any links you include in your author bio (including affiliate links) will get some eyes on them.

Still interested? Fantastic! Send me your pitch!! Remember to write “Post for Lauren Vapes” in the subject line.